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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our potential clients may have some questions they would like answered regarding our cleaning services. Here are some questions that are often asked of us. If your question is not in the following list, please contact us.

Some of our potential customers may have some questions about our cleaning services. Here are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not in this list, please contact us.

1. Why trust Prime Clean ?

Our company was founded under the purpose of satisfying our customer needs. In this context we work as a big family since the whole team has one single goal: to provide a qualified and trustful service. Each housekeeper of Prime Clean family presents himself wearing an identifiable uniform. All our services are regularly supervised by a qualified supervisor specially trained for that purpose. We are a licensed company and to ensure the safety of your home and our housekeepers’ well being we guarantee insurance for civil liability and for workplace accidents therefore ensuring the protection of all parties involved.

2. Who does Prime Clean's hires to clean my home?

All our professionals are trained professionals with specific formation in the cleaning area. They will operate within a common working method. Our housekeepers wear an appropriate uniform and will never do any of the following actions during service: eat, drink or smoke. They will never use any private devices like: phones, television, stereos and computers. We conduct regular supervisions actions on staff service in order to ensure the quality of all cleaning operations.

3. How will I relate with the company?

Knowing that communication is the key to a trustful relationship with each client we understand that it must be earned right from the moment of quotation and be reinforced in every cleaning action. For this reason our services are flexible and we held no formal attachment by matter of a contract with our clients. We believe that our efforts to build open relationship with each client will ensure the long-term comfort and tranquillity to all parties involved.

4. How should I prepare my home for the cleaning service?

In order to make our service more efficient we only ask the client to avoid leaving items disorderly around the house, like scattered clothes, toys or objects, prior to our cleaning visit.

5. Should I be present during the cleaning?

It is not necessary to be present during the cleaning service, all aspects related with the service details are discussed in advance (in the budget or in the cleaning schedule). However, if you want to follow the cleaning process there is no problem. If our client prefers or do not have the possibility to be at home to open the door to the housekeeper at the time scheduled, Prime Clean may hold the key to his house. Many of our customers prefer this option, because it gives them greater freedom to schedule the cleaning service they do not have to wait for the housekeeper and may leave home at any desired hour. This option does not endanger the safety of your home because Prime Clean uses a coded and individualized security system for each key to ensure that its owner will never be identified.

6. At which time do the teams usually arrive to the client's home

The arrival to the client's home is negotiated together with the budget and it has to be strictly followed. However, there might be some factors to which we are unrelated (e.g. transit) and may cause some delays, despite that our teams are compelled to follow the service timetable and tasks agreed in advance. If for any reason, our client asks for a specific arrival time Prime Clean will be happy to find an appropriate solution for him.

7. Will the cleaning services be performed only at the regular business time hours?

Typically, most of the cleaning services are performed during working hours. However, there may be cases when cleaning can not be performed during this period and we will have no problem to fulfil such request if there is schedule availability. 8. What if during the cleaning service something is damaged?

Our customer's homes are to be treated with the greatest respect and we do everything to avoid damages. However, if something is unexpectedly damaged, we expect our clients to contact us as soon as any problem is noticed, in order to repair or replace the damaged item. In any case, our housekeepers are protected with a civil liability insurance, which will be immediately activated to minimize the damage.

9. What if the cleaning service doesn’t fulfil my expectations?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our cleaning service please contact us within 24 hours. We will schedule a new cleaning to the areas that were the cause of your dissatisfaction without any extra charges. You should, simply contact us as soon as you see something what you do not like.

10. Do I have any social or tax related responsibilities for the housekeepers?

It’s a fact that when someone hires a housekeeper the traditional sense he becomes responsible for the social security charges of this employee and other kind of responsibilities bonded by the employee-employer contract. With Prime Clean our clients are free of any social security or tax related issues. Those are taken under the responsibility of Prime Clean. So our clients do not have to worry about anything regarding these matters. Also, our employees are insured for working accidents to guarantee safety in the work place.

11. Who provides the cleaning materials and equipment?

Prime Clean provides all materials and equipment necessary to the cleaning services, except water and electricity, which should be provided by the client. However, we may use the client’s materials and equipments under solicitation. In that case the client is due to provide them.

12. May I reschedule my cleaning service?

Prime Clean works for the client. If the client calls 48 hours prior to the scheduled service we will do our best to satisfy your need.

13. What if cleaning schedule coincides with a public holiday?

In that case, Prime Clean contacts the client in advance, to reschedule the cleaning service in the most convenient way for the client.

14. How will I be charged for the cleaning services?

The Prime Clean cleaning services may be charged monthly or individually for each cleaning service. In this last option, the payment should be made at the end of the service, by check or cash against the respective invoice. If you are not there during the cleaning, you may leave the payment in a previously agreed place. Alternatively, bank transfer may do the payment.

15. Does Prime Clean cleaning services include services such as washing carpets and sofas?

Such services, are considered extra services, therefore should be added to the budget and specifically scheduled. If requested, we’ll be happy to execute these services.

16. Does Prime Clean provide ironing service?

Whenever a client desires ironing service should simply request it in advance and we will be happy to find a solution which will satisfy his cleaning and ironing needs.

17. What is ecological cleaning?

It consists on the use of ecological products and procedures that will reduce the malefic impact on environment and human health. Responding to many client's concerns Prime Clean uses a careful selection of products, materials and equipments that are environment friendly but still effective on their cleaning purposes.

18. How can the Prime Clean consider itself an ecological company?

Knowing that the current cleaning products often contain chemicals that are environmentally aggressive and harmful to human health (provoking diseases such as asthma and allergies) Prime Clean combines the use of environmentally friendly products with a range of procedures leading us to be a reference regarding non health aggressive and environmentally friendly cleaning service.

19. What if I do not want an ecological product based cleaning because I am used to other kind of products?

Being fully aware of the difficulty to get used to the changes, the Prime Clean does not close the door to this kind of situations and look forward to create a middle ground between what the client wants and a less environmentally aggressive cleaning. What makes us a environmentally friendly is not only the fact that we use green products but also the way we avoid wasting products as well as our desire to extend materials and equipments lifespan.

20. What are the company's procedures regarding the defence of the environment?

We will mention just some of the procedures we are proudly adopting:

    - The use of biodegradable products which have disinfection power without damaging the environment or human health.
    - When it is not possible to use ecological products, for reasons beyond our control, the Prime Clean uses only minimal doses of products in order to avoid waste and reduce the harmful impact of those to the environment. We bare this in mind because waste is unnecessary both to environment and our clients wallet).
    - The used of professional cleaning equipment that have long service life (for example: micro fibre cloths) and, according to their composition, may be recycled countless times;
    - We always use equipment which serves to may objects: account for our clients well being and to be environment friendly (e.g. we use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters).

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