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Cleaning tips

With small gestures your home will always be clean

Always keep in mind that the house has to be taken care daily. With daily small gestures will be easier to clean all your items, utensils, materials as well as to extend their lifespan. Here are some advices to consider when cleaning.

Wear gloves during any kind of cleaning procedures in order to protect your hands from contact with the cleaning products as well as to avoid any undesirable smells.

Check out if the electrical devices are correctly switch off and unplugged in order to avoid accident, especially if you’re using water or any liquids.


Before proceeding with the kitchens cleaning, verify if all items are carefully organized in order to avoid any damage or spoiling.

The stove’s burners have a tendency to get dark over time. In order to bright them and keep your stove clean pour on a solution of water and vinegar (if necessary from one day to another). You will see the dark spots and debris fade away with virtually no effort.

The base of your stove should always be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge in order to prevent scratches. Should you need to apply some product just use a neutral dish-washing detergent or, as an alternative, a solution of warm water and baking soda.

If your stove is enamelled never pour cold water on it while hot. A sudden change in temperature may cause enamel crack.

The oven should never be cleaned with abrasive sprays nor with products containing caustic soda both because of their highly toxicity and the damages they may cause in the oven’s interior making it no longer suitable for use.

Your microwave can be cleaned in the following way: mix some drops of lemon or vinegar with half a glass of water and place it on top of the microwaves plate. Then turn the microwave at full power until the water starts boiling. After turning off the microwave leave the glass in for 10 extra minutes and then wipe your microwave. You will see  the fat disappear with no effort.

The extractor hood should be cleaned frequently. In order to enhance filtration and to prevent fat settling in the extraction pipes you should use disposable filters inside the external filters even if they are washable.

If the exterior of your extractor hood is from stainless steel it should be cleaned frequently in order to prevent spotting (caused by the release of smokes and fat when cooking). Use a soft cloth or sponge soaked in a solution of water and neutral detergent to remove the ''dirt''. Afterwards pour a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel and wipe thoroughly. You may use windows cleaner instead. Complete the procedure wiping with a dry and soft cloth: your hood will be flawless.

These are some advices we offer you to keep your Kitchen clean and pleasant. With our experience we can clean your home and enhance your life quality. Please contact Prime clean!


If your shower's water flow is diminished you should remove the showerhead and soak it in a solution of water and vinegar. This will dissolve the calcium and release of the water flow.

After performing any acts of personal hygiene, which may produce water steam, open the windows and doors to let the air circulate in order to prevent humidity.

After shower avoid touching the mirrors with your hands in order to demist them. This action will only stain the mirror.  Ventilate the bathroom until the steam disappears and you will see the mirror coming back to its normal conditions.

If you noticed that your floor got wet after bathing just dry it with a mop in order to ensure that you floor will have no water stains.

If your carpets are wet or humid wipe them with a cloth to avoid accumulation of humidity both on the ground and at the base of the carpet. This will prevent bad odours and extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Keeping a scented candle or dried plants in your bathroom ensures a cosy atmosphere and pleasant fragrance.

In order to avoid the water outlet of your shower or sinks to clog up you may insert a drainer at the flush. Using a drainer will also prevent future using acid products to purge canalization pipes. This acids besides releasing harmful gases to your health they damage the environment.

These are some advices we offer you to keep your Bathroom clean and pleasant. With our experience we can clean your home and ensure that you will have more time for you and your relatives. Please contact Prime clean!

Living and dining rooms

These rooms are the front office of your home. This means that even not being dirty but only disorganized they will affect the overall appearance of your home.

In order to widen your rooms get rid of those items that are unnecessary or that you do not like or do not use. Carefully evaluate the degree of need or use of such objects and consider giving them to those who may need or like them. Remember that re-utilization reduces natural resources consumption. The environment appreciates!

When cleaning dust remember that curtains, pillows, padded chairs  or  chairs framework  are also subject to dust accumulation. You should always shake or vacuum them to ensure that you eliminate dust as much as possible.

From time to time change your pillows, put to use the ones aside and give some rest to those you use more. This will extend the lifespan of your pillows.

Cleaning dust with a dry cloth is gentler to your furniture. It will also prevent dust grouping and the formation of dust lumps.

Flat surfaces do not attract dust particles so avoid using a conventional duster on them. To prevent the dust to spread into the entire surface use microfiber dusters instead.

The secret to keep a pleasant house is to clean it systematic and consistently. Our tips serve as auxiliary actions to keep your home organized. Nevertheless, we may do the cleaning and save you time for yourself and for the things that really matter. Contact Prime Clean and ask for a estimate.


Encourage your children to clean and organize their own room. You may do so either by proposing a game, by creating a cleaning kit just for them or by proposing an exchange system (performance prize). This will improve their responsibility as well as their sense of cooperation and mutual assistance, strengthening family bonds.

Let your children participate in the decoration of their rooms. This will make them feel more involved and responsible for them.

Always make clear that making the bed is part of a daily routine. Always remind them this routine until it becomes an habit.

Ensure that beds are done before cleaning the dust. This small gesture will avoid the accumulation of dust on the mattress and sheets.

Shake pillows and ventilate them whenever possible.

Using a two-layer pillow (with protecting layer and pillowcase) prevents skin and its natural fat, hair and facial creams to penetrate it.

These are some advices we offer you to keep your Room clean and pleasant. With our experience we can clean your home and ensure that you will have more time for you and your relatives. Contact Prime Clean and see that you will not regret!

Small tips

Clean / Light wooden spoons

To give new life to your wooden spoons leave them overnight in a solution of half a litre of water with three table spoons of lemon juice.

To clean burnt cookware

To remove the burn from the cookware's bottom, boil some water with baking soda inside the pot.

Grease stains on fabrics

To remove grease stains from fabrics put some talcum powder over the stain, wait for while and brush. You may, as an alternative, put fabric stain in between absorbent paper and iron it. You may also clean the greasy stain with a cloth moistened with water and ammonia.

Cookware with fish smell

To eliminate the strong smell after cooking fish, boil water with already used tea leaves in the pot.

Strong smells in the refrigerator

-To eliminate strong smell in the fridge you may put inside a few eggshells. Since they are porous they can absorb smells quite easily. As an alternative, you can cut a lemon in half and leave it in the fridge: it will maintain a fresh aroma inside.

Cleaning plastic containers

To eliminate strong smells of plastic containers, soak them in a solution of water and baking soda.

Smell of garlic in/on the hands

After peeling garlic, sprinkle your hands with coarse salt  (before watering), then wash your hands normally. Alternatively you may rub your hands with a stainless item. You may as well rub your hands with ground coffee beans (fresh, used or soluble) . Wash them afterwards.

Cod smell in your hands

To eliminate the smell of cod on your hands rub them with some drops of vinegar or lemon. Then rinse your hands on warm water.

Smell of grilled sardine in your hands

Rub your hands with red wine and then wash them with soap and warm water.

End up with smell of fried

Add a spring of parsley as soon as the oil begins to heat up.

Bad smell at home

Bake orange or lemon peels.  You will have a perfumed ambience in no time.

Remove stains from dishwashers

To remove stains from stainless steel dishwasher clean it with a alcohol moistened cloth.

Eliminate flies in the kitchen

Place a container with water and branches of basil.

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